Email us to confirm your release booking!

We are low on equipment for some lines!

Shipping Line Empty Returns

We will be open Dec 22nd, 26th, and 29th! As well as Jan 2, 2024.

*NOTE: Please contact Zim at EQC@ZIMOPS-SAV.ZIM.COM to obtain approval to bring a damaged unit to MCR. They will require a photo of the damage or notification from POMTOC that the unit was rejected due to damage. Please put *Miami* in the subject for a faster response.  

**​To Reserve a Zim release booking - please send an email to EQC@ZIMOPS-SAV.ZIM.COM with MCR in copy with your release # and size/type of unit and request to pull empty from MCR. If we have equipment, it will be reserved for your release. ​